Compassionate and Experienced

Nichola Krebsbach is a very experienced educational attorney. She handled my child's case as though it were her own. I am very pleased, with Nichola on our side my child was able to get the services she needed. My child is now happy and well adjusted to her new environment thanks to Nichola!



A very caring, efficient and smart lady. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she did great work for me.


We are very happy with Nickie

We are very happy with Nickie. She was very prompt and prepared for whatever twist the case takes. We would highly recommend her.


Efficient, Motivated, and Productive

I recommend this attorney if you are looking for someone that is able to produce results in a timely manner. You will get what you need in an efficient manner that resolves any communication issues that you as a parent have with the school district. Very good at negotiation tactics, understands logistics, and very blunt. I would hire her again and have already forwarded her to about 5 families.


Wonderful Experience!!!

I would highly recommend Nichola!! I am truly thankful for how she has masterfully developed such a solid and organized “Living Trust” process. Nichola took the stress out of the situation and guided us effortlessly through the entire process. I appreciate the professionalism, dignity and strength that Nichola brought every day. Thank you for your thorough work and continued reachability Nichola!!


Great Service and Results

I appreciate the time that Ms. Krebsbach took to listen to my issue and walk through what I wanted from the situation. She was very supportive and had great insight. Her follow-through was great and I was able to get the answers that I needed.


Supportive and Knowledgable

Nickie is such an amazing person. She made sure everything was done properly. The morning of the hearing, she went over everything to refresh my knowledge & showed much support. She is very knowledgeable in what she does & she will surely make sure the best outcome comes out of the situation. Truly recommend her!


Highly Effective & Professional

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing this review of attorney, Nichola Krebsbach. As parents, we must advocate for our children and at times we need legal direction. My wife and I were getting nowhere with the school district and hired Nichola to assist us in obtaining the educational services that my special-needs son is guaranteed under the law. She consistently pursued the best interest of my child and applied her tenacious energies to advocating for him. After countless IEP meetings and constant push-back from the school district, Nichola’s fierce and relentless brand of advocacy secured the appropriate services for my son. I recommend Nichola without reservation.


Amazing Attorney!!

Nickie was wonderful to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable on Special Education law and is passionate about her work. We couldn’t have chosen better counsel to represent our family.

-Jamie and Esmeralda

Who We Are

Krebsbach Law, APC is a client-centered, compassionate law firm that has earned a reputation for skilled advocacy and an honest approach.  We treat everyone like family.  Whether a large commercial client or a small family facing difficult times, we will be there for you with honest and straightforward advice.   We are a legal team that is focused on our clients.  We are compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable about your legal needs to which we apply strong and detailed advocacy.  

Active in the Community

We are active in our community and are actively involved in several local, statewide, and national organizations.  We are invested in the people around us because they are the people invested in you.

Where We Are

Tulare County, Kings County, Kern County, Fresno County, Madera County, San Luis Obispo County

Helping you plan for the future while protecting the ones you love.

Krebsbach Law, APC is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality legal services.

We are confident that our team’s unique experience and dedication will absolutely be an ally to your future.

Nichola G. Krebsbach

Practice Areas

Trust Administration

Trusts are established to provide legal protection for the trustor’s assets, to ensure those assets are distributed according to the wishes of the trustor, and to save time, reduce paperwork and, in some cases, avoid or reduce inheritance or estate taxes. Trust administration is the process of managing assets in a trust. 

Probate Administration

Probate is required if you pass-away or become incapacitated and have no estate planning documents on file. It is a lengthy court tool that reviews your assets and makes decisions on who will share them.  The downside is that probate is a slow and expensive process and may distribute your assets to people you may not select to inherit your estate.

Estate Planning

An estate plan prepares for asset management, transfer of assets, and dispersal of your assets. If you do not currently have a will or a trust, the state of California will automatically decide who will inherit your personal assets, who will be the administrator of your estate, and who will raise your minor children.

Business Formation and Transactions

Our attorneys have experience working with startups, individual entrepreneurs, corporations, and many other business entities with various legal needs.


The attorneys at Krebsbach Law can help you better understand the complicated legal and personal implications of obtaining a conservatorship of a vulnerable adult.

Special Education Law and Special Needs Planning

We offer counsel and guidance on matters affecting special education & civil rights violations. We also specialize in helping parents of disabled children set up legal documentation so that, at the time of their deaths, the child’s care will be legally transferred to another authority and financial support and inheritance for the child will be provided for and will not result in a loss of benefits that the child is receiving for care. 

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